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Could you use this video in your classroom with your freshmen?

Watch the video embedded in this forum. How could you use this in your classroom with your freshmen? If you have any good ideas, add them as comments below.

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I used this video in my classes this year to give students an image that they could remember. I wanted them to see someone who looked very unlikely to be a star. I wanted the students in my class who do not consider themselves to be popular or successful to see that a stunning victory is possible in their lives. I presented the video to them as an image of hope.

One difference between successful people and those who are not successful is the ability to persevere. People who have never seen "the light at the end of the tunnel" have a hard time believing that there is a light. Some students have parents who share their own experiences with their children and help them to believe that there is a reward out there that can be realized through perseverance. Other students have parents who have never seen the light at the end of the tunnel themselves. Therefore, we teachers have to provide images of real people who have worked and worked and finally achieved.

This story does that. If you google Paul Potts, you will learn that he worked for years and took risks to follow his dream before his final victory. I point out to students that Paul Potts didn't just dream and then walk out on the stage one day and become an instant success.

This video is one of the most popular things that I have done with my students this year. They often ask to see the Paul Potts video again. His victory is a victory for the little guy. The faces on the judges and the audience members show their astonishment as this unlikely performer makes believers of them all. Just as the audience drop their jaws in amazement and rise to their feet in thunderous cheers and applause, my students are also awestruck and are left with a feeling that all humanity won a victory that day.
Awesome, Ray! I have a hard time watching this clip without tearing up. It's nice to know that 9th graders feel strongly about it, too.

Anyone else have any ideas for using this clip?
One other thing that I really like about the message that this video gives to students is the fact that Paul Potts believed that he had a destiny. He believed that he was intended to sing. We have an important job in helping all our students discover what they were intended to do!

This video is phenomenal !! I am going to show it to the kids I work with Wednesday night. If I was teaching in a freshman class, this would be a great discussion starter to help kids find their true inner talent and to discuss the concept of pursuing your dreams despite your circumstances.



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