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Hi, I'm happy to join.  I heard about this opportunity at a recent conference where my co-workers and I were presenting on freshmen initiatives and what our school was doing.  We shared our progress and revisions over the past 4 years and some of the various original sources we had adopted pieces of ideas from and how we had assembled them to suit our school.  We have over 2000 students with an average of 600 freshmen incoming each year.  We are divided into units and take interventions (RTI) and service learning and awards and recognitions seriously and have made those the focal point of our work.  It isn't easy, but we passionately believe in it and refuse to quit trying.  We plan to host a roundtable talking event at our school June 8th. 2010.  Please email me or call if you would like to come and share your story or hear others.  Cost is cheap ($20 a person for the morning only).  Flyer with info is attached to this posting.


Doneta Williams

Assistant Principal (Green Unit)

Henderson County High School

Henderson, KY 42420


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Thanks, Doneta, for introducing yourself and for sharing the info on the round table. If you are interested you might repost this as a reply to the main Introductions forum.

That will cause everyone else who has introduced themselves to automatically receive your post.
Doneta - how did the round table talking event go this past June? Did you have many participants?

What conference was it that you attended where you heard about this site?


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