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Our school is planning on inviting the current 8th graders to the high school for about an hour and a half in May, and then we are doing another Freshman day in August.  Does anyone else do this type of transition activities?  What types of things do you do?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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At our school, we do a "Move Up Day" where 8th graders come with their teachers and tour the High School.  They also meet with Guidance Counselors 2 times during their 8th grade year.  In August we do an orientation day that includes team building and get to know you activities.  This year we are adding a time when the freshmen get to walk their schedules and meet their teachers.  We surveyed our parents and freshmen and that was a key element they wanted out of orientation.  We have a school of 1700 and a fairly large and confusing building and students couldn't focus on the other things we were trying to do with them because they were afraid of getting lost on the first day of classes.


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