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At 12:01am on June 2, 2013, Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro said…

Happy Birthday, Scott!!! Ron

At 3:59pm on March 20, 2013, Teresa Molnar said…

Thanks Scott for inviting me to join!  What a surprise it was to see that you are teaching at Salem High School!  I am a 1986 graduate and recognize the names of your fellow Solutions, inc professionals.  I am also a fellow Hokie. I worked for Roanoke County Schools from 1990-2004 before moving to TN.  I am currently the Class of 2013 counselor but will become the Class of 2017 counselor next year.  I look forward to utilizing the Freshman Transition Network!  It looks like a very worthwhile site!

At 5:19pm on December 18, 2012, Kaitlin Nelson said…

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

At 4:37pm on July 19, 2012, Leslie Esneault said…

Scott, yes!!  I ordered 20.  Your company should be recieving the PO very soon if they have haven't already gotten it!  Very excited to provide this excellent resource for my transition administrators. 

At 12:15am on June 2, 2012, Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro said…

Happy Birthday, Scott!!! Ron

At 3:06pm on May 21, 2012, Brian Weaver said…

Scott - thanks for the welcome to your group.

At 7:18pm on February 16, 2012, Michelle Wolfe said…


I am looking forward to the weekend.  See you in Charleston.  Michelle


At 9:32pm on August 22, 2011, Jeff Johnson said…
My family lives in Hillsboro.  The drive to Gaston is very beautiful!
At 3:38pm on August 22, 2011, Jeff Johnson said…



Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I am here because I am a band director who (I feel) has been given this class as a "filler" to be a full-time job.  The class isn't really well defined, and I found myself improvising a lot last year.  


That being said, I am sick and tired of this class being treated as a joke in our district.  I'm ready to come out swinging this year.


I found this site through videos on YouTube, and I find it useful.  I am looking forward to using your site as a resource.  



Jeff Johnson

At 7:38am on July 22, 2011, Kimberly A. Gruccio said…
Thank you
At 1:12pm on June 21, 2011, Kelli Kirshtein said…


Hello! I am a school adjustment counselor who got tired of seeing kids drift away from motivation to succeed in school, starting freshman year. Four years ago, with the help of like-minded colleagues , we developed a regular ed program for rising 9th graders who are identified in 8th grade as being capable but not likely to attain grade level standards and/or to approximate their potential because of attentional issues, emotional issues, learning disabilities, family challenges, or some combination of the above. Our 15 students are cohorted and have a  morning schedule of Earth Science (which has other non-Network students in it), followed by Network-only English and World Cultures and Civilization classes. Fourth block of the day is Learning Strategies----a structured study/tutorial/executive functioning skills development course that is run by me and a tutor who has actually been in the three morning classes with the students. I see several students for counseling and check in with all students during Learning Strategies, which has a community-time feel to it, in addition to time with structured learning and time to begin homework and group assignments for classes. I also supervise two social work interns who are in Learning Strategies and spend some time with the students in their academic classes, in order to form a true learning community, get to know the students better, and be available should a student need to step out, take a break, or require additional support. Students attend Math according to ability level and may have a language or electives, just like any other freshman. Teachers meet weekly to discuss teaching strategies and catch each other up on what is and isn't working for the students. Students and parents are invited to these meetings as needed.


The curriculum is identical to that of the other freshmen; the only difference is that English and World Cultures are smaller classes.

At 7:50pm on June 9, 2011, Michael Bailey said…
Truly appreciated your seminar. For me what you were saying was a "BGO" - Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious. Unfortunately, I preach to a less than receptive faculty. Thanks
At 10:42am on June 1, 2011, Maureen Utz said…

Scott - Could you kind of pencil that week in?  I know I'll have a talk with JB soon regarding that week.  Sorry to be whimpy on this, but you know how school gets at the end of the year - seniors, finals for all, exiting teachers (some of ours for good with all the RIFs), summer school starting up.  BTW, we got our continuation award on the SLC grant last week - best news was that they didn't reduce our funding, as they did for other schools/districts.  I'm working on a NIKE grant (as I said before) that will help supplement some of our freshman transition activities - it will sponsor a class highlighting Wooden's Pyramid of Success and athleticism.  We're kind of pumped about it - was fun to write.


Take care.

At 9:42am on June 1, 2011, Maureen Utz said…

Scott - Thanks for the well wishes.  They keep rolling around and I'm freezing time!  We're having some pretty cold weather, and my birthday coincides with the Rose Festival, a venerable, time-honored tradition in Portland.  I have a Nike grant to submit this morning and many meetings - so much for that national holiday in my honor (haha!). 


Have a good one.  I'm assuming your seniors are about out.  Ours are gone on Friday.

At 3:44pm on May 24, 2011, Juli Parrish said…

I am interested in summer training for theachers and administrators for our new freshman academn- I am located in South Alabama- can you recomend training sessions near by or someone that might come here?



At 3:04pm on November 12, 2010, Emily Freeland said…
Thank you!
At 9:27pm on October 9, 2010, Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro said…
Hi Scott,
Thank you for the birthday greeting. I'm doing well. Spent the day in Vermont looking at foliage. Ron
At 11:26am on October 4, 2010, Todd Novak said…

It's been an amazing couple weeks since my first contact. After reading your blogs, we run a departmentalized approach. You are on my call list. Would you be available to talk some time on Thursday?

At 9:59pm on September 27, 2010, Jennifer Lawler said…
Hi Scott,
Check out Jim Knight's new blog, Radical Learners
I think you'll love his most recent series of posts entitled "The Five Temptations of Teachers"

Jennifer Lawler
At 10:17pm on August 15, 2010, Andrea Henderson said…
Thanks Scott!

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