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I am in the process of organizing our 1st Freshman Academy Team Meeting. Any key suggestions of setting the agenda? I don't want to miss anything of importance nor do I want to set up the meeting for a tangent!

Thank you,


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Kim - sorry for the slow reply.  Summer....  :)

Anyway, since you've purchased The Ninth Grade Opportunity, I might suggest discussing as a team how you will begin to implement the various components in your school.  So for example, what Standardized Expectations should you have?  What will be your methods for communicating with parents?

I'd suggest having the outlook of "this year is a pilot."  You're not going to be doing everything this year that you'll do in Year 5, but you're constantly evolving.

Another starting point is to discuss what your 9th graders are lacking (that's the easy part) and then begin coming up with plans for how you all will teach them the skills/thoughts/etc they need.

Feel free to give me a call if I can help (540-389-2610).  This is exactly the sort of thing I help schools around the country do.

Good luck!

No worries Scott,

With the early start in Milwaukee, everything is on a fast track. I did hold the meeting with the team. The teachers loved the resource!!

However, I have since then been reassigned to a new high school. I will be working with an already established 9th grade Academy so I will, for now, be listening and learning. I will continue to be a part of this network.

Thank you,


Wow - you guys start early!  We're post-Labor Day here.

Good luck at the new high school.  Keep me in mind if your division needs any help.

Yes, this is the 1st year that all high school start on the IB schedule. Normally, we too, go back after labor day. The superintendent wanted to all students the opportunity to make up any needed credits for graduation.  Thank you for all of the feedback. As I've said, I will continue to follow the network. 



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