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Be sure to spend the correct amount of time visiting your 9th grade team meetings. So what is the correct amount of time?

1. It will vary depending on the situation. Strong, healthy, functioning teams will need less oversight/assistance from an administrator. However, I would suggest visiting even the strongest teams at least 1 time per week.

2. Newer teams or teams that are not functioning quite as well will probably need at least 2 or 3 visits per week until they are functioning at a more desirable level.

3. An administrator should not be needed at every team meeting. The goal of the administrator is to support and empower the teams. Teams of teachers need to be able to have a certain level of autonomy. They should not need an administrator "hovering" around them at all times.

4. Administrators should not run team meetings or set their agendas. When an administrator visits it should ideally be in the role of a friend stopping by to see what sort of support can be given. Occasionally the administrator may come by to challenge the teams to try something new or to encourage them in a certain way. But the administrator who wants to empower his or her teams should always view the visit as just that - a visit. The teams should be able to function in team meetings without the administrator being there. If not, then the strength of the teams will always be limited by the availability of the administrator.

5. Rarely should the administrator's visit last the entire team period. The team teachers have things to do and the administrator's visit can make it hard for them to accomplish their goals for the day. Be prepared to pop in and pop out, but also be prepared to stay longer if the team needs you to do so.

6. Ask your teams to record your visits. That way you can collect data on how well-used the team planning time is.

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