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This network is focused on  transformation from the bottom up.  I believe we must take a stand for what our students require to achieve success in the 21st century.

A big missing link  is the high underemployment, and student debt young people are carrying.  We have a whole generation of young people that have done what they have been taught to do...go to school, get a degree, and get a job.   They have followed the advice of parents, educators and society in general.  Yet, they have been let down by this well meaning advice.

No one is teaching them to take control of their futures by taking their education and identifying their ideas and passions and finding ways to apply all of this to starting their own businesses.  Society is so conditioned to believe the only way to work is for an employer.  Most believe this is job security.

There is no such thing as job security today.  The only job security there is, is the willingness to take full responsibility for creating one's own work, and not relying on government or education to provide the solutions.

The mindset around work has to change.  We must start raising independent, responsible leaders that are not the victims of the economy, but the creators of it.  This requires a change in thinking, and a change in the knowledge provided for our youth.

If we are truly going to bring about transformation, we must be willing to look outside of the box, let go of what we have always done, and be willing to embrace new ideas, new curriculums, new directions in educating our youth.  We must stop believing that the only solutions lie within what we know, and what we have always done.  We must start teaching our youth to live into their full human potential, and stop fitting them into boxes.

It's been said that over 65% of the work that will be done by today's youth hasn't been invented yet.  With this in mind, let's start teaching them to be the CREATOR'S of their work and not the victims of underemployment, layoffs and downsizing.  

If you are on the same page and want to bring about this transformation, I would like to speak with you.  We have a multi award winning entrepreneurial leadership curriculum that develops this very mindset.  Contact me directly to set up a time to discuss.

Best regards

Debbie Ruston

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