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First of all, you HAVE to watch this video. Next, you HAVE to share it with your students.

Would you walk into a Spanish 1 classroom on the first day of school and teach students as if the class was Spanish 4? Of course not. Spanish 1 students on the first day of school have no concept of the Spanish language. They need a lot of English mixed in because they don't understand Spanish.

Have you ever wondered why some of our students don't seem to "get it" when we are telling them how to behave or act? Perhaps for some of our students it's because they ACTUALLY DON'T GET IT.

Many of our students have never been given an image of what it looks like to put others first, to serve, to be humble, to persevere, and to be patient.

If our students don't come to us understanding how to live this way, and if we think they need to learn, then it is up to us to give our students images of what these life skills look like. This video is an example of such an image.

Watch it. Then ask yourself, "Would your students benefit from seeing this video and discussing how it could apply to their lives?"

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