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Pyramid Discussion - The First Four Blocks - Oak Hill High School

How can we help young people incorporate these 4 ideas into their lives?  For more information on these blocks, see Ray Moore's blog post about them.

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Homeroom would be a wonderful way to make this a schoolwide goal. It would require all homeroom teachers to get on board.

Maybe use the words for a month instead, spend each week looking at the definitions, synonyms, how to put them into action in their life. Complete the pyramid by Christmas looking at success as a school, community, and a huge awesome family.

Show the Shawshank Redemption clip where Tim whatever his name is little by little chips away at the wall in his cell and eventually escapes through one of the 20 words for poop in the English Language and escapes to freedom.  This is intentness and industriousness day by day.  Little by Little.

Show students that individual success can happen when a decision is made to be ethical and stay the stories from inspirational books or blogs (Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series is great for this).  Allow the students to see from examples from other teens that small decisions can have big consequences, and that what they do matters.


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