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Pyramid Discussion - The Top 3 Blocks - Oak Hill High School

How can we help young people incorporate these 4 ideas into their lives?  For more information on these blocks, see Ray Moore's blog post about them.

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Set kids up for success in something
Kids should all be a member of some club, team or group

I have the reputation of squashing hopes and dreams so any advice to give students REALISTIC confidence and opportunities for success would be appreciated.

The first step is to teach our students to love themselves!!!  Once they accept who they are then poise, confidence and competitive greatness will fall into place.  Teachers can build students self confidence by simply making them feel worthy!

"Linsanity"...  sports AND academics (plays basketball and attended Harvard) 

clips about inspirational speakers and leaders who had challenges in their student years.

The story of autistic basketball player"Jason McElwain

Intergrate these words to being successful in life, sports, academics, treating others and family members, etc. 

Help them develop confidence by praising their efforts and encouraging them even when they fail
Share a story from your life or another's when things didn,t turn out exactly the way you wanted
Help them to see failure as a learning opportunity

Teach them how to present themselves
Help them to understand how they look to others

Introduce these concepts to our students

Help them work towards their goals by giving positive reinforcement in increments "baby steps"


Inspiration is the key.  Help them dream who and what they can be.  Dream it in order to be. You cannot be what you cannot see.


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