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Pyramid Discussion - The Middle Three Blocks - Oak Hill High School

How can we help young people incorporate these 4 ideas into their lives?  For more information on these blocks, see Ray Moore's blog post about them.

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Helping students to master the skills they need to succeed and then assisting students to become leaders pass the skills on so that they may then become a team as one.

Projects like quiz bowls for team spirit.    

If one fails we all fail.  Get students to help each groups.  

Look at us right now and it's easy to see the team spirit. We have to have that to build the pyramid!!!!

It's hard to have a team if the players don't show up. We have to make sure that students are at school so we can condition them and they can learn the skill.

Ethical choices: model them, define them-- constantly, daily...ethics undergird who we (students and teachers) are, and what we can become. Ethical choices are displayed in the little things and big things. " Others may lie and cheat, but here in our room, our yes means a yes, and our no means a no. Period. We are honorable people."

Working together to develop the skills, from the weakest to the strongest. Everyone is a member and no one gets let behind. If you make this a focus in your classroom, it will work.


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