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Pyramid Discussion - The Under-appreciated Blocks - Oak Hill High School

How can we help young people incorporate these 4 ideas into their lives?  For more information on these blocks, see Ray Moore's blog post about them.

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Students need to know that you as a teacher will be loyal to them and not only a teacher but a friend to them as well.  Someone they can go to when they need someone to have their back, or when they need someone to talk to. 

Show a dog story.  Who can be more understanding than your dog?  When the world throws you under the bus, who cares.

Your dog does.  Your girlfriends could take off on you.  Your ex-others could sue you for more of your worldly possesions. Your putting stroke could go.  But your dog.  Your loyal dog stays by you and treats you as if you are a king.  This is loyalty in action and a good dog story tenderizes your heart like no other story.  Thank God for a good dog.

Activities that get them up for a few minutes...  to wake up.

Friendship/loyalty/cooperation...   character building activities... a scavenger hunt...

Again we must always be models or show models of these pyramid blocks almost daily!!!!!
We must also share our stories often.


Let our students see us being supportive of one another


Alerness?  We need to enforce the no cell phone policy so we can get students to connect to the world around them. Some how we need to make them understand the real friendship and not Facebook friendships.  It's the end of the day; what can I say. 

Yes, Joel Davis loves Annabelle.

There must be cooperation between the students as well as between the teacher and their students.


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