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We are planning a "move up" day for our 8th grade class, but there is a concern that the name "move up" day is both a little old fashioned and also a little childish.  Students have "moved up" in 5th grade already and the transition from middle school to high school is different.  Can anyone offer suggestions that might be more appropriate for a transition day in June where 8th graders visit the high school?  "Transition Day" does not have the pep we were hoping for.



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Not sure if move up is too old fashioned or not.  I agree, transition day isn't very peppy.  What about "The Big Day"?

I  am not sure that move up day is old fashioned, it seems appropriate. However if you are wanting a little more hip o you can go with "Hip- Hop  move up day".Good luck on your quest.


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