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One of my ninth grade students sent me a link to this YouTube video this morning, and I had to make it my "Do Now" assignment to begin class today! It fit right in with my desire to open my students to the idea that every life has purpose and that no matter how insignificant a person may think his or her life might be, that everyone has the chance to impact eterntiy.

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Wow! Thanks so much for this link! I will share it with my students (the new semester begins Tuesday) as a "Do Now" as well; however, I must admit I was VERY discouraged at school today, and this piece was incredibly uplifting! Thank you!
You are quite welcome, and my student who shared the video with me with be excited when I tell him that his gift to me is already making it to other states.

I know I have very discouraging days myself, but I love teaching because I have the chance to make a difference. Too often I don't, but sometimes I do,and that is enough!



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