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Part 6 – Creating a Freshman Transition Program – Which Teachers?

One of the most important decisions that must be made when creating a Freshman Transition Program is deciding which teachers will be a part of the program. After all, the single greatest factor in any educational endeavor or reform effort is the teacher in the classroom. Without the teacher, the plan is just a plan. The teacher is the one on the front line making the magic happen.

As Jim Collins says in his book… Continue

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The 3 Magicians

We’re on spring break right now. I have to admit that the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to spring break were not exactly my favorite. It is not uncommon for people to ask, “How can you be a high school administrator? Don’t you get tired of dealing with nothing but discipline?” Typically I am able to inform them of the fact that my days and my job consist of much more than discipline and that I love my job. However, during those weeks leading up to spring break I was beginning to wonder myself how I… Continue

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Part 5 – Creating a Freshman Transition Program – Don’t Forget to Team

If you’ve been reading the posts on this website (example) over the past few months, read my book The Ninth Grade Opportunity, or attended one of Solutions, etc.’s Freshman Transition Conferences, then you are aware of what I consider to be the key to successfully transitioning freshmen –… Continue

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