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A+ Teaching: Curriculum for the 21st Century

We are creating our curriculum using PowerPoint and Windows MovieMaker to create multimedia literature, writing, and reading instruction using text, voice-overs, music, embedded video, and assessments to create a high interest and highly effective lesson presentation which accomplishes the following:


                1) High quality uniform instruction between periods and teachers.


                2) High interest "edutainment" with essential historical, and biographical background

                    information as well as in-depth treatments of the literature.


               3) Vastly improved classroom management. The teacher is not presenting the information

                   anymore, but is mentoring the students and is able to be among them and monitor them                                                much more closely.


               4) Students learn "How to Study" using our Note-taking system for all work. Formative

                   assessments (daily quizzes) are open notebook. Summative (weekly tests) are closed.


              5) At-Risk and average students flourish under this instruction.


Contact me if you are interested or wish to participate.

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Comment by Scott Habeeb on June 27, 2011 at 5:47am
Sounds interesting - let me know if there are ways that the FTN can help you out.

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