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Be Inspired By "Secret Love Project for Mrs. Froehlich"

This morning as I read the USA Today on my phone, I came across a wonderful reminder of the powerful ability a teacher has to impact lives when she chooses to go beyond the content.  The video you see below tells the story of how a group of students decided to thank their very favorite teacher.  Watch the video and be reminded of the unique nature of your profession.  Your job is more than a job.  You have potential to literally change lives.

Isn't that awesome!  This school year is close to being over.  There really isn't much time left.  But in the few remaining weeks or days you have left, there is still time to communicate the bigger picture of life to your students.  There is still time to communicate that you care deeply for them and that what you are doing is about much more than content - it's about helping them get what they need to reach their Mt. Olympus!

Want to see the full video the students made for Mrs. Froelich?  Here it is:

You and Mrs. Froelich don't do what you do to get a video made for you or to get in the USA Today.  You do what you do because your love for young people compels you to pour out your life for them even when your own life feels beaten down and worn out.  You know they need you, and you know their lives will be better off because of what you have to offer.  So every day you go back into that classroom and build relationships and push students to be more than they ever knew was possible.  

You may never have a video made about what you do, but if you do your job with passion, you'll be worthy of it!  What a profession!

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