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Let's work together to meet the needs of our freshmen...

Too often educators miss out on opportunities to work together. We are split up into states, divisions, schools, departments, rooms, etc. What a shame! Together we possess the knowledge, talent, ideas, and experiences necessary to meet the needs of our students. Yet rarely are we able to work together.

Those of you who have attended a Solutions, etc. workshop know that we advocate teaming teachers together as a means of empowering them to better transition freshmen into high school. This social network - or "ning" - is an attempt to take advantage of the latest technologies to team teachers in a way that would never have been possible in the past. By becoming a member of this network, you can begin to dialogue with each other and help your peers tackle their 9th Grade Problem.

Let's use the power of today's "flat earth" to do our jobs better. Let's start discussions, share resources, post links, and work together! Let's make the most of the 9th Grade Opportunity and Transform our Schools from the Bottom Up!

Your thoughts?

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