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Look around your school. How would it be different if people - all people (students AND faculty) - put the needs of others first? What kind of difference would it make? Would your students perform better academically if socially everyone was putting others first?

My thought is that high school would look totally different if people acted this way. I would contend that almost every problem young people (or people) face is somehow a result of not putting others first.

Could we teach students lessons about the beauty of putting others first? I think we can. Here's a phenomenal story that you can share as a way to do this. It's about Ike, a high school student with Down's Syndrome, who was allowed by an opposing team to score a touchdown in a high school varsity football game.

Take a look at the video below and visit this site to read the story.

Sometimes putting someone else first is more important than a shutout.

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