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At the Freshman Transition Network we are always trying to find resources that can be used in the classroom to motivate and inspire kids.  This video is one such resource.  


Your students need to see this.  After they watch it, take an opportunity to talk about how they treat their fellow man.  Talk to them about Love and Forgiveness and Humility.  Take a moment to talk about judging others and the treating others as they want to be treated.  Teach them about strength and service.


Have your students write about it.  Have them discuss it.  Have them develop ways to apply it to their lives and their school.


Do you have ideas for using this wonderful clip in your classroom?  If so, then please leave comments on this blog so that others benefit from your ideas.


Warning - if you're like me, you're going to want to have a tissue handy!




What did you think?



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