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That's My Mom: An Effective Career Orientation Program For Middle and High School Students

That’s My Mom:

An Effective Career Orientation Program

For Middle School and High School Students

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.

That’s My Mom is an outstanding interactive TV Game Show Style Career Development Program for middle and high school students.

The objectives of the program include:

  • increasing parent/child communication
  • encouraging middle and high school students to:
  • learn about a variety of careers
  • begin to think about their own eventual careers
  • having fun!!!

Teams of four mothers and their daughters from the audience are called on stage. The moms blindfold their daughters. The blindfolded daughters ask the moms yes or no questions about their work. Moms answer the questions by holding up a YES or NO sign. Daughters are told what the sign says. When the daughters are ready, they specify which mom they think is theirs. The daughters probability of being correct is normally at chance level. Moms then explain their careers. This is an excellent program for schools, youth groups, and days when children may be invited to the workplace.


As always, please do let me know if I can be of help to you by providing further information on this, or any of my other career development (such as What's My Job?, Activities to Facilitate Career Planning and Gaining Meaningful Employment) and/or Education By Entertainment programs (such as I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations) or by bringing my programs to your school.  

This presentation was developed for a girl's youth group, thus it focuses on mothers and daughters.  Experience has shown that the program works well when fathers and sons are also included. 



Ronald G.Shapiro, Ph. D.

The full presentation may be viewed on SlideShare:

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