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How Students Can Benefit from Black History Month

The world that we live in is changing every day. With
the passing of each day the United States is becoming more diverse. Black
History month presents educators with an opportunity to share the
accomplishments of the Black community. Did you know that there are
African Americans who are making history every day? Inviting people from
your city or local community to speak with your class can be a great way to
enlighten students about their accomplishments. These professionals are
some of the same people that students may work with in the future. As the
workforce becomes more diverse the ability to communicate with all races and
cultures will make these students valuable employees. What will you do to
invite a guest to your class?

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Comment by Scott Habeeb on February 9, 2010 at 11:26pm
Thanks, Dr. Jones, for that reminder! I have found that students definitely relate to and learn from stories about people who have walked where they have walked. It's not as much that they lack role models as it is that they have simply never seen what it means to be successful, to overcome, to remain focused, and to have passion and vision. We need to share stories and examples of success - especially of success that comes from their own community - so that our students can begin to get a picture of what they, too, can be and do.

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