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The Ultimate Precollege Student Teleconference

Do you want to prepare for college and increase your chances of earning A+ grades when you start college? Abolish all of your fears by learning how to make the right preparation for college.  Don't get left behind while others are discovering the best way to adjust to a college roomate, manage their time and learn how to study.  This webinar will provide some of the best ways to understand and prepare for every college class.  We will have three conference calls.  To…


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Facebook Fanpage is just for you

For months I had been hearing about Facebook Fan pages. Then I read an article that explaining how you n use it as a tool to educate people who can benefit from my business. It made so much sense. I decided to make my fan page a place where students of all ages and parent can get education information. They can also submit questions. My goal is to help a million students and parents. You'll get a lot of education and college tips and find money for college. Get your fan page started and tell me… Continue

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10 Ways to Ignite Excitement about School

Did you know that a parent’s excitement about school plays a great role in a child’s enthusiasm on the first day of school? A parent can ignite the fire and passion for learning just by saying the right words. One way to encourage a child is to brainstorm a list of 25 positive words that you can use to encourage your child. Place it in a very visible location in your home. It is important to keep this year moving in a positive direction. Use words of encouragement whenever you can. View any… Continue

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How to Save Money on Textbooks

The rising cost of books is one expense that stands out in all college budgets. Technical science and math books are among the highest costing text books and English textbooks are not far behind. For years students and parents have complained as their book budgets are stressed. The science books can start at $150 and higher and other books are costing more than $100. Across the country students at four and two year colleges are feeling the pressure of paying for the cost of living on campus and… Continue

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Back to School How to Get an A+

Do you want to earn excellent grades in every one of your courses? Join this conversation to get study skills tips that will help you to earn A+ grades. This is for students of all ages. Call 323-417-0075 code 878084. Get your questions answered right after Dr. Jones presents helpful tips. Please confirm your participation at

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A Map to Your Future Education

Believe it or not September 1, 2010 is almost here. So how are you mapping your plan for a successful 2010? Have you written down at least 10 goals you want to accomplish? What are the top three goals on your list? September is a great time to write down your goals. You can develop a road map that helps you to strategize the actions you will take right away. Don’t stick with the same old plan that did not work before. It’s better to forget the things that are behind and to pursue a higher… Continue

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5 Back to School How to Study Tips

The journey back to school is a time when students meet new friends and get adjusted to a new school environment. The adjustment is not limited to K12 students there are changes for college bound students too. Often after the first week students realize that they do not know how to study and they easily get behind on assignments. Going back to school becomes a burden when students realize how much work that they need to complete. Students don’t realize that learning how to study is one of the… Continue

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How to Study and Succeed on a Final Exam

Getting prepared for examinations and avoiding distractions is the greatest challenge that a student can face. It’s amazing how the best events and the most distracting friends come knocking on your door when you’re trying to study. I always tell students that their first mistake is opening the door to let their friend into their room. To succeed on your final exam you need to set all…


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When Education was King

Americans need to revive the thirst for knowledge. It seems like education is on life support and fading fast. We cannot afford to continue to drift back word. Billions of dollars are spent on education every year and we need to renew the level of excitement of students and parents. Too often a good portion of the money that is spent on education fails to make an impact on communities. Education is one way that we can invest in creating a prosperous community.

There are some… Continue

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How Students Can Benefit from Black History Month

The world that we live in is changing every day. With

the passing of each day the United States is becoming more diverse. Black

History month presents educators with an opportunity to share the

accomplishments of the Black community. Did you know that there are

African Americans who are making history every day? Inviting people from

your city or local community to speak with your class can be a great way to

enlighten students about their accomplishments. These… Continue

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10 Education Tips for 2010

We are about to end another decade and its time to pursue education at its highest level. For centuries education has been the foundation for the growth of a successful society. So what is your education plan for 2010. Sitting on the sideline will not bring you the education that you need. Today you can take online courses or sit in on a class. Opportunities abound in corporate offices all across the country. For example Peirce College sends an instructor to a corporate facility to teach. You… Continue

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What are your math tips for students who are enrolled in algebra and calculus classes?

Too many students of all ages struggle with math. I have discovered that math is the foundation for success in many professions. We need to all do our part to help students to succeed in math course. What are your tips for students who are enrolled in algebra and calculus classes? Do I have your permission to share your tips with students? Your tips can make a difference.

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Students Who Read Succeed

In this age that offers an explosion of technology reading skills is still one sound way to help children to succeed in school. Too often parents set children in front of a television or computer when they have not learned some of the essential reading skills. Once students obtain a joy of reading they are like a sponge absorbing all of the knowledge that they can. It time to dust of the books in your home and share them with children who have no books in their homes. Every home should have… Continue

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Back to School Eating Good Meals

Chef Carl Lewis is my special guest on Blogtalkradio who will talk about how to prepare good back to school meals. Learn how you can save time and money and prepare a healthy meal. Learn how to reduce your calories and prepare good meals for your family. The program occurs on Monday, September 21, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. Listen to the program at Please call in with your questions 646-649-1184.

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Study Skills a Back to School Key to Success

Good study skills are an essential back to school learning tool that every student can carry into the new school year. Many students go back to school without the preparation that they need to succeed. Teachers say it often takes a month to get students back on track. Students need a study skills plan that they can implement during the new school year. They can start by writing down their goals for each class. A student can have a positive affect on their grades just by writing their goals down… Continue

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8 Rules for Selecting a College

During the senior year parents engage in the annual ritual and conversation about selecting a college. Today college cost is frequently at the top of the list of issues that parent’s must confront. Even today money should not be the only reason that you select a college. The ability of your student to live within the philosophy of a college can make a big difference in their success. Sure colleges can put up an advertisement and send you a mailing every week but there is nothing like visiting a… Continue

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Back to School Cell Phone Craze is Booming

When students and parents start their shopping list for the new school year one item on the top of their list is a cell phone. How times have changed. The idea of searching for paper and pencils is taking a back seat to modern technology. The cell phone companies have caught on and they are releasing so many new cell phones each month that it is hard for anyone to catch up. Cell phones have reached epidemic proportions throughout American society. You cannot go to a city or countryside road… Continue

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How to Motivate Students: Strategies that Work

Increasingly parents who send their children to school and those who home school are asking the same question. How can I motivate my child to learn when 21st century technology is influencing their every thought? It seems that children are learning how to multi-task but it is affecting their ability to focus. The very electronics that were purchased to entertain in the home have become the center of their attention. There are cell phones, flat screen televisions in every room, hundreds of cable… Continue

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Seven Secrets of How to Study

According to Indiana University the average American student only studies 3 hours each week. That amounts to 20 minutes a day. A total of 60,000 students responded to this study skills survey. Each year thousands of students enter college thinking they can use high school study habits and easily sail through a college degree. They have a rude awaking when they discover success in college requires a minimum of three to five hours studying each day. Some students say studying the night before… Continue

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5 Back to School Savings Tips

Every year thousands of parents grab a cart and engage in the age old tradition of back to school shopping. There is a level of excitement in the air as students consider new school supplies and what clothes they will wear back to school. All parents can do is look at their pockets and try to find a way to stretch a dollar. Many parents start their shopping without a plan and that’s where money is lost. Have you ever noticed how things are strategically placed around the store so that you will… Continue

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