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How to Study and Succeed on a Final Exam

Getting prepared for examinations and avoiding distractions is the greatest challenge that a student can face. It’s amazing how the best events and the most distracting friends come knocking on your door when you’re trying to study. I always tell students that their first mistake is opening the door to let their friend into their room. To succeed on your final exam you need to set all types of limits on your distractions. Organize a study group. Set limits on the number of students or your study group can become a distraction too. Some students may come to your study group unprepared and it is up to the group to make changes. To have success on your final examination you must maintain your focus.

Time management is an essential when you are preparing for final examinations. Use the beginning of the month to outline how you will use your time. You will need additional time to study and to get organized. If you wait to until the last minute you will be studying all night on certain examinations. When you have more time you will be able to add additional study groups if necessary. It is important to count each day as an opportunity to prove all that you have learned. Too many students feel pressured during final examinations because they decided to manage their time too late. You can change your test anxiety just by effectively managing your time.

So how do you bring together all of the new knowledge that you have obtained over the past few months. You’ve read chapter after chapter and it seems like a massive amount of information. It is important to get organized and develop a study plan that you will follow. For example develop an outline of your chapters and write it down on paper. It’s time to maximize your study skills. Your study skills are an essential part of your success when you review your notes and think about how to apply that information on the test.

It’s important to have the right attitude about your final examinations. It is essential that you expect to have success on every test. You’ve overcome many challenges to get this far in your course. Find time to read a motivational poem, CD or book for a few minutes. Call someone who frequently has given you words of encouragement when you have faced challenged. Success on your final examinations is the result of positive thinking and hard work.

Responding accurately to any final examination requires attention to details. Think about the kind of questions that will occur on a test. Develop some of your own questions and practice with another student who is in your class. You can practice responding and thinking about the right answers to potential test questions. If you have questions that need clarification, don’t be afraid to meet with your instructor. You want to expand the number of questions that you are prepared to answer on any test. You will have the ability to feel successful because you’ve prepared prior to each test.

In conclusion, you can position yourself for success on any final examination. Clearly define all of your distractions and eliminate them early. Make each course a daily part of your discussions. Don’t forget to find a quite place to study where you can concentrate on your subject. It’s time to be confident that you will have success on each final examination. Stay focused on your goal to graduate and it will inspire you to excel on every examination.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an outstanding educator, keynote speaker, consultant and author. Dr. Jones has been instrumental in helping thousands of students to realize their dream to earn a degree. Dr. Jones has dedicated his life to diminishing the academic gap that prevents students from achieving their dreams. Dr. Jones is the author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parents Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide. His url is

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