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Study Skills a Back to School Key to Success

Good study skills are an essential back to school learning tool that every student can carry into the new school year. Many students go back to school without the preparation that they need to succeed. Teachers say it often takes a month to get students back on track. Students need a study skills plan that they can implement during the new school year. They can start by writing down their goals for each class. A student can have a positive affect on their grades just by writing their goals down and increasing their effort in each class.

The foundation for a successful school year starts during the first month. A student who refuses to complain about class assignments is on the right track. A teacher will rarely change a class assignment because the students complain. It’s time to cancel the old study habits of waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment or to prepare for a test. Each student must ask themselves what habit served as distraction to studying last year. The new school year presents many opportunities to improve your study skills and to eliminate distractions. Brain storm all of the ways that you make each class a new learning experience. You should enter the new school year with a deep commitment to excellence.

Students who are using good study skills function differently. They have learned to use their time effectively. They arrive at their test prepared because they have allocated their time to study each week. They realize that it is easy to lose time on personal internet searches, text messaging and listening to IPod recordings. Their priorities are set and they are not willing to compromise.

One of the important things that a student can do is write down their study plans every day. Before each class begins a student should read the chapter a week in advance. It’s important for each student get their mind ready to absorb the information that they are studying. By starting early a student can eliminate their stress so that they are more relaxed when reading assignments. It’s a good idea to develop your own outline of important facts as you read. Don’t be afraid to e-mail your instructor questions if you do not understand a topic.

Developing a strategy that allows you to effectively implement you study skills is important. Managing your academic goals and your time will help you to keep organized when other students are trying to find their way. Create an outline of the chapters that you need to read every day. The effective management of your time will give you the ability to have study periods and enjoyable activities throughout your week.

When you have the right study skills you will have a road map for achieving an A+ in each class. You will go the extra mile to do the research that makes all of your responses on test questions stand out. An instructor can tell the students who are making special efforts to obtain new knowledge in the subject that they are teaching. Let your study skills lead you to a higher level of achievement in every class and you will have a great back to school experience. Dr Stephen Jones is an outstanding educator and consultant he is the author of “Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship guide at He can be contacted at 610-842-3843.

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