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At 2:27pm on August 13, 2010, Ford Price said…
Hey, thanks. I appreciate the wish!

Ford Price
At 7:27pm on August 9, 2010, DJSerafin said…
Thank you! I received more birthday greetings from online friends, which was extremely heartwarming!
At 8:37am on July 24, 2010, Chris Gray said…
Thanks Ron! I hope I get to see you when I'm out in Rhode Island in a week or so.
At 8:31am on March 16, 2010, H. Alan Seibert said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes! (And please forgive my dealy in responding!)
At 8:57am on March 12, 2010, H. Alan Seibert said…
Thank you very much!
At 7:22am on February 15, 2010, Barry Balaski said…
Hi Ron,

Unfortunately I will be a Penn State at another conference a week later. I wish I could come. We also just had an assembly last week. Maybe next time that you are in the area I can catch your presentation.
At 12:37am on February 14, 2010, Kelli Engelbrecht said…
Thank you for offering an invitation. I will be gone the weekend you are speaking. Our students will be competing at the MO State SkillsUSA Championships in which I'm in charge of. Our week will be full getting ready for the competition so we would not have time for your "I'm awaesome" presentation. My school is not convenient to your stay either as we are a 4 1/2 hour drive from where you are speaking.

Again thanks,
At 7:32am on February 3, 2010, Barry Balaski said…
thank you
At 10:20am on January 2, 2010, Scott Habeeb said…
Are you on Classroom 2.0? I'm thinking about leaving Ning in Education - too much junk, etc.
At 8:11am on December 1, 2009, Scott Habeeb said…
My pleasure - I know you saw the link in your post, but I wanted to make sure that you also saw it on the main page at the bottom under the resources section.
At 11:06am on October 9, 2009, Scott Habeeb said…
After all those Happy Birthdays I finally get to send one to you!
At 1:05pm on August 15, 2009, Andrea Henderson said…
Thanks so much! Can you believe I'm up at school working??? We only have been given one work day and it's a five day job! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
At 2:49pm on July 6, 2009, Dawn Putnam said…
Hi Dr. Shapiro,

I am interested in learning more about "I'm Awsome ..........."

We have a 9th grade class called Excellence Seminar in which we are trying to get the freshman, their parents, and the community engaged to help with our retension and involvement..

Dawn Putnam
Sand Creek High School
7005 N Careree
Colorado Springs, Co 80922
At 4:08pm on June 29, 2009, Scott Habeeb said…
Ron - I just added my standard "welcome comment" to your wall. However, you are obviously an experienced Ning/Social Network user.

Thanks so much for what you have added already. This is a relatively new network. I have been pleased by its growth, but have been looking forward to having members like you that really know how to "make it happen."

If you think you will be posting more on this site and would like to be a featured member, please let me know. I think you have a lot to offer our members.
At 4:06pm on June 29, 2009, Scott Habeeb said…
Thanks for joining the Freshman Transition Network. The network is, and always will be, a "work in progress". Your input and ideas will play a big role in making this a useful and interactive site. Please let me know if you have ideas.

Be sure to read the "Read 1st" tab. I think that will give you a good idea of how to maximize this new network.

Check out the "Your School" tab. This gives people a chance to leave information about and a link to their school's Freshman Transition Program. I think this could help schools connect with one another.

Check out the "Groups" tab. I would recommend making a group for your school. Then you can invite other teachers/educators from your school to join the network and your group. Your group can then become a "community forum" for teachers from your school.

Consider "friending" the other members of the community. That will make sure that the community truly is a community. You do this by going to someone's page and clicking Add as Friend, which is beneath their profile picture. By friending others you will then be able to send out messages, ask questions, and share thoughts more easily with those individuals.

Most importantly, though, your input, ideas, blogs, comments, and questions will benefit all the other members. Feel free to become a regular blogger or poster. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for joining!
At 10:37am on June 29, 2009, Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro said…
I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations Abstract:
All of us are have tremendous potential. We have more abilities than we realize. All of us also have some real limitations… more than we realize. This presentation is designed for you, Ninth Grade Students at Your High School, to :
* Recognize you for your accomplishments
* Equip you with some tools to help you stay safe and achieve your potential
* Illustrate some limitations which you (as well as many people) have.

I hope that today’s presentation will serve as a source of encouragement to you as you proceed through high school and continue on the journey of lifelong learning and you begin your career planning.

Thank you for coming and participating. I hope you will learn a great deal and have fun!!!

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