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What suggestions does the group have for making the connection between current eighth graders and the school/teachers they will have in the fall? Our school had a two-day "Summer Blast" last summer, but not all students attended...and probably the ones who needed it the most did not.

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Hi Deanie,
If you are looking for a mid-year assembly program to recognize your students for doing a great job with the transition, I would recommend considering the I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations program as posted in June 2009 on this Ning. The program is educational and Fun for the students. Please let me know if you would like more information or if I can be of further help. Thank you, Ron
Hi Deanie,
If you would like to see some photos of some of the activities which are included in the I'm Awesome, But I Have My Limitations program, just click on the Photo Album hyperlink. You will go to the Photo Album on this NING. When you finish looking at the album, you may press the Back arrow to return to this posting. Many thanks. Ron
Thanks, Dr. Shapiro. I looked at the photos to get a sense of the I'm Awesome program. I plan to discuss this over lunch today with my principals. I'll get back with you after the discussion.

We have a Spring showcase in April that is geared towards our 8th graders. Each core content area and all electives and groups/organizations set up project boards. It showcases the core content areas with the path students need to take and all the groups available to the students.  We also have free hot dogs, chips and drink and invite the whole family. The band plays, choir sings, drill team performs and all teachers are available for parents and students to talk to and ask questions. It has been very successful. Our first day of school starts out at 8am for freshmen and their link leaders (jrs and srs) (everyone else comes at 12). The students have a pep rally, do bonding activities, go around to meet the teachers and see where their classes are and eat lunch without the stress of all the other students. 

Sounds like a neat idea.  Thanks for sharing.  I love the way it sounds like you bring so many different groups together.


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