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September 2010 Blog Posts (6)

Life is about putting others first

Look around your school. How would it be different if people - all people (students AND faculty) - put the needs of others first? What kind of difference would it make? Would your students perform better academically if socially everyone was putting others first?

My thought is that high school would look totally different if people acted this way. I would contend that almost every problem young people (or people) face is somehow a result of not putting others…

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10 Ways to Ignite Excitement about School

Did you know that a parent’s excitement about school plays a great role in a child’s enthusiasm on the first day of school? A parent can ignite the fire and passion for learning just by saying the right words. One way to encourage a child is to brainstorm a list of 25 positive words that you can use to encourage your child. Place it in a very visible location in your home. It is important to keep this year moving in a positive direction. Use words of encouragement whenever you can. View any… Continue

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To Academy Or Not To Academy - that is the question

Freshman Academies is a topic that comes up often when discussing Freshman Transition Programs. This blog post will include links that deal with the pros and cons of the Academy approach to Freshman Transition as well as other alternatives:

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Test 'em more - NY Times article and the research on how assessment helps learning

This blog was originally posted on Assessment FOR Learning.…


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How to Save Money on Textbooks

The rising cost of books is one expense that stands out in all college budgets. Technical science and math books are among the highest costing text books and English textbooks are not far behind. For years students and parents have complained as their book budgets are stressed. The science books can start at $150 and higher and other books are costing more than $100. Across the country students at four and two year colleges are feeling the pressure of paying for the cost of living on campus and… Continue

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Back to School How to Get an A+

Do you want to earn excellent grades in every one of your courses? Join this conversation to get study skills tips that will help you to earn A+ grades. This is for students of all ages. Call 323-417-0075 code 878084. Get your questions answered right after Dr. Jones presents helpful tips. Please confirm your participation at

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