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Dr. Stephen Jones's Blog – August 2009 Archive (4)

Study Skills a Back to School Key to Success

Good study skills are an essential back to school learning tool that every student can carry into the new school year. Many students go back to school without the preparation that they need to succeed. Teachers say it often takes a month to get students back on track. Students need a study skills plan that they can implement during the new school year. They can start by writing down their goals for each class. A student can have a positive affect on their grades just by writing their goals down… Continue

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8 Rules for Selecting a College

During the senior year parents engage in the annual ritual and conversation about selecting a college. Today college cost is frequently at the top of the list of issues that parent’s must confront. Even today money should not be the only reason that you select a college. The ability of your student to live within the philosophy of a college can make a big difference in their success. Sure colleges can put up an advertisement and send you a mailing every week but there is nothing like visiting a… Continue

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Back to School Cell Phone Craze is Booming

When students and parents start their shopping list for the new school year one item on the top of their list is a cell phone. How times have changed. The idea of searching for paper and pencils is taking a back seat to modern technology. The cell phone companies have caught on and they are releasing so many new cell phones each month that it is hard for anyone to catch up. Cell phones have reached epidemic proportions throughout American society. You cannot go to a city or countryside road… Continue

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How to Motivate Students: Strategies that Work

Increasingly parents who send their children to school and those who home school are asking the same question. How can I motivate my child to learn when 21st century technology is influencing their every thought? It seems that children are learning how to multi-task but it is affecting their ability to focus. The very electronics that were purchased to entertain in the home have become the center of their attention. There are cell phones, flat screen televisions in every room, hundreds of cable… Continue

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